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>> hule houser, the california giant died at age 67. he is the tall guy with a my microphone the size of texas and he would do interviews with people who owned talking wagons and stuff like that. great guy. he is dead. i'm sad. >> he was great. jason, upcoming gigs this week? >> i will be at stand up new york on thursday night at 8:00 p.m. i will be wearing my glasses which i was told cuts into my ethnic humor pretty well. >> really? good to know. bill anything you want to plug? >> yes, if you are like me you are super straight and love chicks and love beer and you love cars. but you are excited about hbo's "liber raw chee" join me on twitter hash tag liberachos. it is cool dudes who love all things straight, but can't wait for michael douglas in sequence. >> back to you, greg. >> i will be there.
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report tomorrow night just before mr. bill. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i have been in a meeting with my correction officers. inmates coming up to them and telling them exactly where they live. that's not acceptable to me. >> bill: now that a newspaper has printed the names and addresses of law law abiding citizens who legally possess firearms some feel in danger. this is outrageous violation by the press. bernie goldberg and i will take a look at it. >> is it done now. >> no. >> is the revenue side of it taken care of yet? >> no. it is not. >> bill: far left signaling even more tax increases on businesses and affluent americans and shut down the federal government. brit hume on that. >> there are people who say that you couldn't be president because you are so heavy. what do you say to them? >> bill: are overweight americans like new jersey
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governor chris christie held back? >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us i want to. a gross violation of your privacy by the press that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo by printing the names and addresses of malcolm jenkins who can legally possess firearms. the journal news of west chester county, new york has put some people in danger. battered woman hiding from her abuser whose address has been protected by the courts. the police officer whose family is now in jeopardy. the witness who testified against the bad guy who is in jail and for years has been stewing about that witness. judges and d.a.s like me. >> bill: now the threats from the newspaper's action are
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even more specific. >> i have been in a meeting with my correction officers and their unions. have inmates coming up to them and telling them exactly where they live. that's not acceptable to me. that shouldn't be acceptable to the public in the rockland county. >> bill: prison guards are trained to defend themselves, many folks are not. >> this one lady who has been stalked for years in west chester county, she finally found peace two years without the stalker contacting her. two days after that paper released her information, she gets hangups all night long. she lives in fear her and her three daughters. >> bill: what does the publisher of the journal news janet hasan think about that? she won't address the issue. she is hiding under her desk and with good reason. since 2000 59 circulation of the journal news has dropped nearly 50% it is is a
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committed left-wing paper in the recent election it endorsed 36 candidates. all democrats. it's clear ms. hasan is running ideological operation that wants to punish legal gun owners. charlie who lives in caro, iowa has a question for ms. hasan would it be accept to be her if a list of persons who received welfare payments or unemployment insurance are published in the newspaper? i think i can answer for her, charlie. no. the reason hasan and her crew published the names of legal gun owners was to desdisparage them. shield never do that to those though receive entitlements because that would go against they're orthodoxy. there is no question she should be dismissed by the gannett corporation. meantime loons on the other side are issuing death threats and publishing personal information about journal news personnel. that is not acceptable. the journal news violated the
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privacy of law abiding americans, period. the newspaper is shamed. it will never recover in the minds of fair minded people. however, by issuing threats and trying to bring personal harm to those at that newspaper, you lose the debate. for example, president obama actually benefited in the election because some of his opponents gheend him personally. my ratings go higher when my opponents cheap shot and lie about me. if your position is solid, sell that don't ability like a thug. janet hasson has forfeited her name among responsible journalists. the gab net should understand that and take appropriate action. nothing else. that's the memo. reaction, with us dr. beth nobel who teaches communications at fordham university. newark, delaware, correspondent for cnn who now teaches at the university of delaware. ralph, we get with you, can you defend ms. has son. >> i'm not in the position to defend any individual editor
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asking a newspaper or any real news organization to keep public information covered up i think is asking a news organization to do something they just don't do. >> bill: so you think that's what this is all about if they didn't publish the information they would have covered it up. >> the information is already public. >> bill: no they got it by a freedom of information ability. >> applied for their permits and they gave up their information. they gave to the government. the government made it public. >> bill: they fought the information. the paper filed a freedom of information act. one county putnam is defying it for public safety reasons and you saying that they would cover it up? they actively sought to do. this they actively sought to invade the privacy of the gun owners. as you know ravel or you should know in connecticut there is a law that says you can't give out that information. what i said is the gun permit applicants gave up their information to the government which made it public.
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>> bill: you don't hold the newspaper responsible at all? >> i hold news journalists responsible for making decisions for what they publish and what they don't publish in their -- >> bill: should that paper have published this information in your opinion? >> i think the newspaper was within its rights to publish this information. >> bill: would you have published the information. >> i'm actually a little surprised that gun owners and the the nra for example wouldn't be doing. this i'm surprised the nra doesn't have a map like this on its own site. after all it was -- >> bill: if you were a publisher, ralph, you would have sought the information through freedom of information and published it? you would have done exactly the same thing? >> well, i'm not a publisher and not a publisher of a newspaper. i have used the freedom of information act to make public information that is collected by the government that should be made public and it is made public. >> bill: i'm not going to put words in your mouth so you are sympathetic ms. hasson. >> no you would never do that. >> that wouldn't be fair and balanced and that's what i am. you dodged the question.
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i gave you an opportunity to say i would have done it as a publisher or no i would not have done it i will give you one more chance to answer if if you want. would you have done it or not? >> i'm not a publisher. >> bill: would you have done it, doctor? >> i would have done it but in a different way. without so much personal information, without exact addresses and certainly without means. >> bill: you would have said this many people in the counties have gun permits. >> you could do it on a block by block basis. without exact address and name. that would have proven the point there are a lot of guns out there without violating the privacy. >> bill: in this area of mayor knack for example west chester county this many people have guns on the street. >> yes. >> bill: i don't think that's wrong. i don't know why you would do it what the exercise is what about the comparison the a lot of people are making this is ideological jihad by this newspaper and this publisher that they never would have done this in other areas where people's names are given to the government, ie welfare,
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unemployment. they never would have done that but they do this. do you see validity there? >> no. i think what you said just a few minutes ago about this paper having a left wing agenda is undoubtedly untrue. >> bill: untrue? 36 out of 36 endorsements for the democratic party. >> bill, remember, the editorial policy at papers like the journal news and the reporting are done by completely separate. >> bill: the publisher oversees the editorial side, you see that? >> no. these are reporters went out to go out and find out the truth in light of a terrible shooting. >> bill: you are not sympathetic to jeanine pirro the judge who says now she believes her life is in danger and the stalker woman, the putnam county official said she is it. the prison guards the prisoners are saying we know where you live. you are not sympathetic to any of those people. >> no. i'm absolutely totally sympathetic to them. ill understand how those people felt whose names are published and their address. that's why i'm saying they could have made that point
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without information. >> bill: are you sympathetic to the prison guards and woman being stalked and judge pirro? are you sympathetic to them. >> i'm sympathetic to all americans who pay attention to the news media who seek to inform themselves, in order to do that they need the most widely available public information. when the government chooses to make information like this collect it and make it public, then i think all members of the public ought to have access to that information. >> bill: in your opinion the greater good of information to the public overrides a personal safety of the people who feel they are in danger? >> well, i'm not weighing in on the issue of personal safety. >> bill: you have to. that's part of the debate. that's what the bedebate is all about. >> what i'm saying is that everybody ought to have access to that information and make their own decisions. >> bill: all right, ralph, that's pretty theoretical we have real people in trouble and feel threatened and you are in the theoretical realm. we appreciate you coming on. doctor, thank you. bernie goldberg will have his
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thoughts on the press privacy issue coming up. next on the run down, nancy pelosi and other far left politicians saying even more tax increases are coming. will that shut the government down as republicans oppose? later, adam carolla on whether chris christie is too hefty to run for president? we're coming right back.
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in the impact segment tonight. seems to me president obama is hell bent on taking as much money as he can from corporate america and affluent americans who give to those who don't have very much. first round of tax increases will most likely be not the last. >> do you then agree with the republican leader in the senator republican mcconnell who says we are done now with the taxing side of it now we have to concentrate on spend
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something that done now. >> no. >> is the revenue side of it taken care of yet? >> no. no. it is not. >> bill: not done. but there is is no question the republicans will oppose any further tax increases and that could lead to a shutdown of the federal government in a couple of months. joining us from washington fox news senior analyst brit hume. you are not surprised by nancy pelosi's statement are you. >> i'm not surprised. the idea has gone nowhere. >> bill: everybody knows that. maybe not ms. pelosi and everybody else. president obama knows if he tries to go in for more tax increases the republicans are going to basically not go along with it and it won't get through the house of representatives and might be a government shutdown and debt ceiling and all of that, so why bother? >> first of all about the debt ceiling this is really important. if we have reached the debt ceiling what that means, bill, is we can't borrow any more money. none the less the tax receipts under the tax laws we now have would continue to it bring in about 60% of the money needed to fund the government.
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which means that you -- that about 40% of the money would not be there you would have to find a way to shut down 40% of the government so you wouldn't have a way to finance it. that leaves plenty of money by the way, 60% to cover any payments on the national debt. they are only 6 or 7% of spending. when you talk about defaulting on our debt, it's a total red herring. >> bill: but, what happens is that moodies and other financial institutions that grade america's investment capability and whether people should invest here will downgrade like we saw last year. so, i don't understand why president obama, if he knows what you just said and what i know that the republicans are never going to go for another tax increase. why bother? i will tell you why. >> in my view it comes down to this. the republicans are worried about the cost of these entitlement programs which are the big drivers of our
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deficits and debt president obama would like to finance the cost of those programs, that is those are diametrically opposed positions and one that each side holds dearly in latest roundth president got as you pointed out some from new tax revenue. that's pretty much in people's minds. part of that revenue is coming from the fact that the payroll tax holiday going on and everybody saw in their paychecks, particularly at the beginning of the year that's gone. >> they are seeing tax increase, doesn't matter whether it's payroll tax or income tax the check is lighter. they know that so you have these tax cuts tax increases which were supposedly be on the rich hitting virtually everybody. that's fresh in people's minds that advantages the republicans in forth coming struggle over raising the debt kreiger and whether there
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should be spending cuts extracted and put into place they are coming up behind you and i'm going to ask them is president obama now a crazed idealogue? because he doesn't care he doesn't have to run again. he has four more years. doesn't matter what the policy is. he is a nutty left wing idealogue. this is all fabricated by me of course nothing in reality. i will throw it out to them. he doesn't care anymore. look i'm going to raise taxes like france is going to raise them and if you don't like it we will just fight it out and there will be blood all over the place because i'm a left wick guy and that's who i am and i don't care. is that possible? fought here. and the republican leaders in the congress, particularly speaker john boehner and the house of representatives who was deserted on a couple of votes by his republican
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charges, majority of them on the final vote wednesday the vote that he cast. he didn't whip him to vote with him but he voted for the final bill that came through. owe is in no possession to soon. he won't do it. taxes are as a political practical matter only thing that would extract new taxes at this stage of the game would be major concessions on entitlement spending which is exactly opposite what the president wants to do. >> bill: i got 20 seconds. i don't care about chuck hagel the former senator being defense secretary. i don't think it means much. does it mean anything to you? >> well, it's a good question whether he is the best nominee. i think there will be a confirmation fight. >> bill: he the get in. >> a lot of drama. because the senate majority democrat he will probably get in. >> bill: it doesn't matter. >> i think it matters. >> you really do? >> the votes are there to pass him. >> brit hume, everyone.
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whether barack obama will harm the country in pure pursuit of his ideological agenda. warming up in the bullpen as
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>> bill: interest is a chance president obama will press his ad vantage after being reelected and try to take the country as far as left he can if the president democrats go for tax increases on businesses and affluent all hell is going to break loose and folks are going to get hurt. everybody knows that with us is juan williams and mary katharineham. if you were advising the president take look what we got and look at reform in entitlements, that's what you would say to him, wouldn't you. >> he has got to look at reforming entitlements. that's part of the legacy is
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he trying to build, bill. i think it's very important for him to look at spending at part of this package. but let me just tell you, i don't care he is an idealogue. i don't think he is any far left winger as you apparently do. i think? this guy is a brag pragmatist. he has won two majorities of the american people and you don't do that if you are far left or far right in this country. >> bill: i don't know. we have a changing electorate as we pointed out. i'm not so sure about that mary katharine, do you think that the president, a, number one an idealogue and number two will go in for more tax revenue thereby setting up blood bath that's not going to get us anywhere. >> i think is he a liberal guy who is good of sounding like is he a more of a centrist. as a liberal he is committed to pretty much desperately avoiding the idea of reforming entitlements. he has had a lot of chances. if juan thinks he is into that answered wants to hang on to the legacy tehran, he has gotten a lot of chances to do that especially with his own deficit and debt commission which he promptly ignored.
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>> you have got to give him credit of the he ignored it and nobody cared. >> i care. >> bill: he won the elections. oh he could say oh look at these geaugas the republicans they will take your social security away. >> i think you are correct a bunch of pinheads bought and t. and voted for him. he was very shrewd in the way that he handled and got reelected. >> he is good at that part. >> bill: now it comes down to whether he wants to be good president or have blood in the streets. >> i think a lot of liberals believe you can purr pet wait these programs if you reform without gouging people. >> bill: they don't care. >> some of them do. >> some of them don't. you heard them say we don't care about the debt. we don't care about it. it it doesn't mean anything. they know. anybody with intelligence knows that these medicare social security have to be reformed. >> that's why i know he is being irresponsible if he doesn't try to do something about it i don't think he will. this is why. this is why we have to deal
1:26 am
with it talk about $600 billion over 10 years we got out of the tax hikes that he got. social security just announced this week or the "new york times" had a story about how they had 800 billion-dollar short fall they didn't know about. that money gone. kiss it goodbye. already gone. this is not a revenue issue. >> bill: you heard ravel the former cnn correspondent basically dodge all my questions which always amuses me. dose think that people don't know he is dodging? this interview is being conducted in his garage in everybody sees it, you know. but all right he didn't want to answer but he was theoretical on the side of the journal news which has now put people in jeopardy you say, juan, i would have published it. >> you would have put people in jeopardy? >> i wouldn't have sought the the -- this is public information. >> bill: it doesn't matter. look, connecticut has a law that says you can't do it, juan. and you had to seek this information. >> the reporter who was behind this story had a great quote in the papers today.
1:27 am
he said, you know, people have a right to own guns and people have a right to the public record who who owns gun. >> bill: you would put judge jeanine pirro in jeopardy for some theoretical nonsense. >> i don't get. this i would think that people who own guns want other people to know they own guns because it makes it less likely that anybody would attack them. >> bill: they want to know where people live and how to get there and what hardware they have. come on, juan. >> it seems to me -- let me just say this to you. >> no, no, no. go ahead. >> bill: wrap it up, juan. >> let me say this to you, bill. i think the real issue here is that the gun control community, i'm sorry the gun owning community and gun manufacturers in this country realize that the tide has now turned against them after the connecticut shooting. >> bill: this is a press issue. this is a press issue. mary katharine, 30 seconds, go. >> like number one, this is endangering people. number two, this is why gun owners look at the idea of
1:28 am
registration requirements say i'm not sure i'm into that. number three, bill, you are exactly right they would never do this with public information for anyone else getting any other kind of thing from the government because, why? it would stigmatize them but they don't care when it comes to gun owners. public without outing these people. >> bill: do you want all the welfare recipients names printed and addresses. >> it wouldn't matter to me. >> bill: wouldn't matter to juan. >> somebody owning a gun. a gun is is an october of danger to the community. public safety issue. >> bill: i want you to file a freedom of information acts act. get all names of the people on welfare. >> it wouldn't be hard, bill. >> bill: go ahead and do it. you check back next week with the newspaper. >> news worthy as well. >> bill: check back next week with the paperwork. juan. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. bernie gold beferg on the gross violation of. printing the names of legal gun owners in the newspaper. adam carolla on whether chris christie is too chubby to be
1:29 am
president? carolla has thoughts on the tax situation. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: personal story eggment tonight recover to live kick any habit, many any addiction. according to the department of health and human service was it's estimated that 7% of all the american population is addicted to either drugs or alcohol. and that would be more than 20 million folks. two of those caught in the hellish world of addiction will join us momentarily
1:33 am
kennedy christopher lawferred and nephew of john f. kennedy began using drugs in his early teens. for 17 years he was addicted to heroin, alcohol and cocaine before getting clean. next month will mark 27 years of sobriety for mr. lawford. his cousin patrick kennedy son of edward kennedy served in congress for 16 years but also had drug and alcohol problems. he has know been clean since 2009. with us are christopher kennedy lawford who wrote the book recover to live and patrick kennedy who wrote the introduction to that book. all right mr. lawford first you. what made you stop. 17 years is a long time of intoxication. >> yes it is. i tried for 10 years. i tried everything humanly possible to overcome this illness and i did it at 30. it took that long. i had desire. i had resources and it still took me that long. >> bill: why did it take you so long? your father was an alcoholic, i guess he was addicted. >> he died of alcoholism affix i can't.
1:34 am
>> bill: cirrhosis? >> why did it take you so long to get off the stuff? >> it's that difficult a thing. evidence shows the earlier you intervene in someone's life the better chance of changing trajectory. it's important that parents intervene early in their parent's life if there is a genetic predisposition. >> bill: can you think back on a time where you said, look, i don't want to do this anymore? this is is wrecking my body? >> absolutely. >> bill: mr. lawford goes through it in the book it wrecks his body. it wrecks his social relationships with people. >> i was fairly functional, bill. i went to law school and college and got a master's certification from harvard medical school. this disease is really difficult. you have to you have to change everything in your life. >> you decided you wanted to but still couldn't do it. >> i couldn't stay stopped. i could take for a little while. stop for a little while and then i would use again. >> was there a trigger mechanism. >> there is lots of trick
1:35 am
triggers and cravings and all sorts of things. that's the nature of this illness. >> bill: we will get back to how you kicked it in a moment. you, mr. kennedy, were in the house, you know, high pressure job. everybody is looking at you but you are bombed half the time, right? >> i had a lot of problems managing my life. and, of course, if you are an addict you manage your life by consuming drugs and alcohol to help you manage the stress. >> bill: was this trying to deaden some pain or something in you? >> no. i mean these are -- you have a physical compulsion an allergy to drugs and alcohol that makes makes it impossible to put them did you know once you have ingested. >> you have to go still and seek them and get them. you knew mr. lawford and other relatives had problems with all this stuff you? knew all of that but you still went to get it. >> that's right. because i started like chris as a teenager. i was drinking at 13. the early you start drinking i
1:36 am
don't know whether at the time he was as aware. i don't think so. i certainly tried to hide it as most cases addicts try to hide their behavior. >> let's get to the crux of the book how you get off it. very specifically how did you finally stop. >> i found a community of people that knew how to stay stopped. >> bill: is that like alcoholics anonymous? >> if it were i wouldn't tell that you because it's alcoholics anonymous. >> bill: you went to aa. >> no i went to a place that know about recovery. went to recovery meetings. group of people. imperative you get honest with yourself and other people. >> bill: you went into a structure and the structure gave you the information and the tools to stop? >> that's correct. >> bill: do you continue with that structure now. >> absolutely. >> bill: how did you get off? >> i retired from congress. [ laughter ] >> bill: was that one of the reents that you did because you were an addict? >> it was a realization that i couldn't live the life i wanted to live in that stressful environment.
1:37 am
>> bill: you needed to get out of there to clean up? >> that's what ended up happening. i have had the longest period of sobriety since leaving. >> bill: how did you get off? >> i went to rehab. but i went to many rehabs. how did i stay off is more the question. >> bill: okay, go. >> well, i got married. had a family. had children. i have relationships that are more meaningful in my life today like my cousin chris, than the superficial relationships that i spent most of my time nurturing polit. >> bill: did you go like he did into a structure into a crew this is what you have to do? >> to the best evidence based crossing anyive behavior which is 12 step program. deal with it every single day. >> bill: the book, recover to live, if anybody out there has a problem or knows people who do. check this out. gentlemen, would appreciate you coming. in did you a noble thing. >> appreciate it. >> bill: bernie goldberg on the ethics of printing the names of legal gun owners in the newspaper. berne is is next.
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the bernie segment tonight. bring in the purr i have a saw my talking points on the general news printing the names of the gun owners and you say? >> well, let's get this part of the out of the way quickly and right at the beginning.
1:42 am
newspapers have a right to publish public documents that's why they are called public documents and public records. just because you have a right to do it doesn't mean you should do it. if theyment to editorialize against guns no, problem. if they want to call for the repeal of the second amendment, that's their first amendment right, again, no problem. but to publish the names of gun owners who have committed absolutely no crime is is down right irresponsible. cheap antigun stunt. it's the sort of thing you would expect from the wise guy working on the high school newspaper. this has done real damage to this newspaper's reputation. >> bill: no doubt. >> it's part of bigger picture story, one involving hypocrisy and liberals and guns i hope
1:43 am
we have some time to get that that we do. somebody in the talking points memo, charlie lived in illinois wouldn't publish the names of welfare recipients and any kind of other public as well. this is what this is, wikileaks light that's what this is. because we now know that individuals real people like jeanine pirro suffering because of the exposition and because they say you know what? i sentenced -- janine i sentence a lot of people to prison. i prosecute a lot of people. and now they know where i live. they know what my status is and here they come. and the journal news knew that. they knew it just like the weeks guy now in lebanon bon worth going to be tried. he knew by putting out information about u.s. forces that he was putting his guys
1:44 am
in danger this information could be used by terrorists. they knew the unintended that's why you can't justify what the journal news did. >> you can't justify what they did. as i said it's like a high school stunt. but they have a right to do it and you may be giving them more credit than they deserve by saying that they realize what the unintended consequences. >> bill: they did. >> i'm not sure these people gave this any more thought then they shouldn't be working in that position, bernie. they should all be fired. absolutely wiped out. >> yes. i'm with you on that. that's another matter all together. >> because they have power. the press has power. constitutionally guaranteed power. the press can hurt individual americans. this is where they go effort line. this isn't ideological situation. this is a public safety situation. >> there is no question about that and there is no question in my mind that they should have thought about the
1:45 am
unintended consequences. >> out of there, goodbye, see you. >> fine with me. by the way. on the here is a newspaper that clearly doesn't like guns and they don't have much sympathy for people who have guns for their protection. as soon as they get some nasty emails and angry phone calls. what do they do? they hire a security firm that comes there to protect them with guns. i mean, the hypocrisy is breathtaking on that one. and then, president obama when asked after the terrible tragedy in connecticut if he thinks that there should be armed guards with guns in schools. he wasn't big on that idea, because he doesn't think it's a goody the for your kids and by your, i mean the people watching us for your kids to be protected by people, security people with guns. but he does like the idea that his daughters are protected by
1:46 am
security people with guns. not just the secret service that are guns obviously but also the school that he sends his kids too they have according to one press report 11 armed guards, why is that? because their kids are special and your kids aren't? that kind of liberal hypocrisy is annoying. persony has ventured where few men have gone before into the world of twitter. i know you are trying to be 32 years old but twitter? come on. >> my daughter signed me up and now i have 61,000 people who are hanging on my every word. so what i did. >> i know it's crazy. i'm the first to admit it's totally insane. what i did i asked my -- the people who think i say important things i said what is your most daring prediction for the new year? and i got some real smart answers. i mean really truly smart. but my favorite was from the
1:47 am
person who said this is his most daring prediction. bill o'reilly reveals his softer, gentler interviewing style in 2013. asks bernard goldberg what kind of tree he would be. so,. >> that's the caliber of tweeting that is going on in the world. no. it won't happen. bernie. all right. and the person who tweeted you that is drunk. it will never happen. how about my favorite color? favorite number. >> your favorite number. would that be zero? no. bernie goldberg, everybody, tweeting his life away. carolla is on deck. is chris i have city too chubby to be president? carolla wants to sound off about the tax situation as well. he will be here next. >> announcer: stop! living with hair loss, that is. losing your hair is no fun and no one wants to be bald, but there is hope. >> getting my hair back was the best thing that ever happened to me.
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>> bill: few weeks ago barbara walters interviewed chris christie. >> okay governor, i'm uncomfortable asking this question that when i'm sitting across from you you are a little overweight. >> more than a little. >> people say that you couldn't be president because you are so heavy. what do you say to that? >> that's ridiculous. i mean, that's ridiculous. if people watched me for the last number of weeks hurricane sandy doing 18 hour days. i don't think that would be a problem. >> bill: joining us now from los angeles adam carolla. first of all, carolla is the moon full out there or what? last time we saw you you were kind of clean shavenned and now you look like lawn cheney jr. >> thank you very much for the supportive words. [ laughter ] no, it's not a full -- every day is a full moon in l.a. >> bill: you didn't meet a gypsy woman on the way to the studio or any of that, huh?
1:52 am
>> got to be a little conversant with the wolf man. i know i'm getting stares. let's just start. do you think christie's weight will matter if he decides to run for president? >> no. >> bill: no? >> first off isn't president the ultimate flat job? you don't fly coach. you host a bunch of dinners. and even your office is oval shaped. it's like you have a fat office. it's not like the president has to get up on extension ladder and clean the gutters or anything. you can be fat and be the president. you can't be a fireman and be fat but you can be president. secondly, let's take a look at the voters. they are fat. i mean, i went to disney land a couple days ago. how fat people are. >> bill: grover cleveland, a hefty boy. william taft, william taft, i
1:53 am
mean, specially designed nicers to get them out on the golf course and they were big. >> also who is doing the voting? >> bill: he may capture a big of the big vote that definitely could go his way. >> that's how it works, isn't it? 99 percenters. >> bill: hefty too if they run against christie they might be torn about who is heftier. okay. taxes going up. and you say? >> i say -- i hate it. i think it is unamerican. and i was just thinking about it earlier today and i thought we should look at this country as a team and the coach is the president and basically what we're saying is is, hey, kobe bryant, i know you are averaging 35 points a game, but we're going to need to you
1:54 am
average 38 points a game so that we can win. and my thing is, if you want to win, leave cobey alone. is he not broken. he is scoring already. but there is a whole bunch of other guys that are on the bunch that are averaging four points a game. let's focus on those guys and some guys that are averaging zero and then some that are taking points away from cobey. so let's focus on the group if in fact you want to win. let's focus on the group that's not being productive instead of putting a higher burden on a guy already shooting the lights out. >> bill: don't we need to focussen othe people who aren't being that productive, money to teach them how to be productive. taking money and give it to them so they will be better? >> right. so we can depress them and rob them of their dignity and get them to produce even less in the future. and to indoctrinate their children this horrible sort of farm where everything is handed out for free. that is a horrible idea that
1:55 am
obviously doesn't work. >> bill: when you were growing up because i know i have read that taco book, had you kind of a situation like that where your whom was getting assistance and stuff, right? >> my mom was getting welfare and i just naively said to her one day when i was about 8 or 9. hey, mom, why don't you get a job and that way we would have some money and get a nicer job and all that good stuff she said if i get a job, i will lose my welfare. which not exactly the thing that children's books are made of. but i got the message and sort of went the other way with it. >> bill: there you go. it's an interesting story, can carolla. we appreciate it don't have time for the third topic hitting home runs. he doesn't look like lawn cheney, i apologize for that tip of the day how to be a classy person. the tip 60 seconds away.
1:56 am
1:57 am
>> time for tip of the day, but first the mail. after watching what corporal jon hammar went through, we will not tolerate this barbaric behavior from mexico. that's not going to happen under this administration and they will address controversies in that area. and bill, you need to drop the story, let's not turn the factor into the nancy grace show. i see the story much more than a crime situation, robert, tells americans about what's happening in mexico and how our government is responding to that. william from queens, australia, we've been getting out for a number of years, first class sounds like fox news' chief mission to attack president obama. and bill, was it necessary to ask the 20-year-old miss universe if she ever smoked marijuana? of course it was necessary, joe. she's going to take an anti-pot stance, her frame of reference is important, come on.
1:58 am
myron, bill, since you have never consumed pot you're in no position to comment on its effects, i guess that goes tore heroin and the death penalty as well, right? >> earl richards, albuquerque, new mexico, as one of the youngest navy pilots in world war ii, i appreciate you telling how it is, and look forward to seeing you and miller in phoenix on february 22nd. the comerica theater, i'd like to meet you. we'll be in touch. and miller and i will see everybody in los angeles nokia theater, friday, and constitution hall in washington april 15th and wesbury theater long island june 1st. and solo at the hard rock in broward county a week from friday, january 18th.
1:59 am
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